Feeling Stressed? An At-Home Aquarium Will Help!

Feeling Stressed? An At-Home Aquarium Will Help!

photo: Veer

Studies show that the soothing effect of watching fish swim in an aquarium can have multiple health benefits for people!

There have been multiple studies on the affects of people watching fish aquariums, resulting in the conclusion that aquariums have a positive influence on those viewing them. Benefits include a reduction in stress, high blood pressure, anxiety, pulse rate and muscle tension.

Aquariums can even help with insomnia for those who need a little more peace and quiet at home. Children with hyperactivity disorder responded well to aquariums, helping them calm down. Alzheimer patients have been found to eat better and feel less anxious and aggressive when having a fish aquarium about. Medical patients feel less stressed entering an office for an exam when having the opportunity to watch an aquarium while waiting for their appointment. Some patients even required less pain medication. Those who work at computers for hours a day can ease their mind for a moment when an aquarium is in the office, helping them feel less stressed and more productive. Fish tanks are great tools for mental health, for any age and any facility whether it be at home or in an office.

When looking for your perfect aquarium, you might want to keep in mind the origins of the fish. Unfortunately, many companies do not practice responsible tactics when harvesting fish to be sold in pet stores. There are stores out there that have a strict policy when it comes to acquiring their fish.  Petco, for example, is one of those stores.

Petco is committed to offering saltwater life that is either aquacultured or collected through practices that include careful attention to the sustainability of both the animals and the marine environments where they live. Most of the saltwater fish sold world-wide today are collected from the wild. Petco’s long-term goal is to offer only aquacultured¬†saltwater aquatic life.

Aquacultured aquatic life does not experience the added stress or other risks that can occur when collecting marine life from the oceans. Petco also donates 1% of marine aquatic life sales to support aquaculture initiatives.

To shop for your new stress reliever, or to learn more about aquacultured aquatic life, visit Petco.com!